Journal of Interprofessional Workforce Research and Development

Welcome to the Journal of Interprofessional Workforce Research and Development, the Interprofessional Healthcare Workforce Institute’s peer-reviewed journal.

The Journal is a dedicated resource for evidence-based research and workforce development strategies; aligning educational and workforce learning across market sectors. It offers a forum for industry experts, academicians, and practitioners to publish innovative and practice-based research, case studies, policy commentary, and education theory and practice dedicated to offering methods and systems for optimizing the skills and skill-mix of the incumbent worker in current and emerging roles to meet the needs of industry.

Be sure to check out Emerging technologies and the changing transportation workforce: Lessons in predicting the future, by Dr. Stephanie Ivey and Dr. Glenn McRae of the National Network for the Transportation Workforce!

Transportation, as in every other sector, is being transformed continuously by emerging technologies that both create new efficiencies and opportunities and challenge current workers and workplaces to keep up with new knowledge and competencies. This article focuses on the lessons learned from the National Transportation Career Pathways Initiative and work of the National Network for the Transportation Workforce. The intent is to better understand and offer insights into predicting and substantiating the changing knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required of the workforce, and to inform changes in professional development and academic programs. Findings from this research demonstrate the challenges faced in preparing the future transportation workforce. This work also identifies strategies required to ensure that the next generation of transportation workers are both available and prepared to address these challenges in the years to come.

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