AASHTO’s Transportation and Civil Engineering or TRAC Program

The TRAC program provides students in grades seven through 12 the opportunity to get involved with transportation-related science, technology, engineering, and math or STEM courses, AASHTO noted – an effort mirrored at the elementary-school level via AASHTO’s Roadways In Developing Elementary Students​ or RIDES initiative.

“The role of civil engineers is critical to transportation infrastructure,” explained Dustin Parkman, Bentley’s VP for transportation mobility, in a statement.

“The hands-on experience of the TRAC program introduces students to civil engineering concepts and processes, inspiring them to imagine a future career in engineering,” he added. “I’m proud that AASHTO, Bentley, the other sponsors, and [state] DOTs came together to provide this opportunity for the students to present their projects virtually and get the recognition that they deserve.”

Julia Smith, manager of the AASHTO TRAC & RIDES program, pointed out that AASHTO designed the program for use in science, technology, engineering, and math or STEM classes to introduce students to transportation and civil engineering.

“America’s transportation industry has a huge demand for well-qualified civil engineers,” she said. “TRAC’s goal is to get middle and high school students exposed to and excited about a career in civil engineering. We see TRAC as an investment in today’s youth, to ensure that America has the highly skilled workforce it’s going to need for years to come.”



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