Organizations Strive To Erase Racism And Bias In The Workforce And Society

The Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO) and The International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote careers for women and minorities in transportation.

“COMTO and IBTTA look forward to working together. IBTTA is eager for our members to engage and collaborate with COMTO members to foster increased representation resulting in a more equitable transportation system providing greater mobility for all users,” said Pat Jones, Executive Director and CEO, IBTTA.

“The partnership between COMTO and IBTTA is a step in the right direction to increase opportunities for women and minorities in the toll facilities industry. Both organizations are leaders in their respective fields and the partnership will certainly have an impact regarding diversity and equity,” said A. Bradley Mims, President and CEO, COMTO.

The MOU will:

  • Promote the transportation infrastructure sector as a rewarding career choice for women and minorities;
    Further the participation, advancement and recognition of women and minorities in the transportation infrastructure sector, both public and private;
    Provide professional development opportunities to help them advance their skill sets and careers to ensure the sector’s future success;
    Encourage their participation in organizational leadership activities at the national, state and local levels; and
    Cooperate with others who share these objectives to achieve them.

Recognizing the benefits of establishing an institutional arrangement to achieve the following:

  • Increase member access to information, including business and career opportunities, in the respective fields of both organizations;
    Facilitate and expand the dissemination of that information to each other’s members;
    Collaborate on topics of common interest and support diversity objectives that ensure a level playing field for training, education, employment and contract opportunities for minorities in the field of transportation; and
    Provide regular consultation among the leadership to review and assess programs and identify opportunities for coordinated efforts.

COMTO and IBTTA will work together to:

  • Support each other in the development of programmatic content for their meetings and conferences, including identifying candidate speakers;
    Identify opportunities for jointly sponsored convening activities, such as conferences, workshops, webinars, meetings, and local chapter activities;
    Publicize each other’s major conferences and meetings in their e-newsletters;
    Provide recognition as an allied organization at each other’s annual meetings; and
    Exchange two complimentary registrations for leaders of each organization to participate in the other’s annual meetings.

For more information, please contact Gatwiri Muthara at or Bill Cramer at

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