FHWA Job Needs and Priorities Report

NETWC Action Plans (September 2016)

The Northeast Transportation Workforce Center produced a summary of its Phase II report on job needs and priorities in the regions, with a focus on regional action plans. In conducting extensive outreach and research with stakeholders nationally and around the region, assessing potential workforce programs and partnerships to address the workforce gaps identified in the Phase 1 study, a set of strategic ‘action plans’ emerged that serve to move related workforce development initiatives forward. The NETWC’s five strategic action plans reflect the programs and impacts that the workforce center seeks to make on the transportation workforce and the various systems that support this community. These action plans are built around five focal points:

  • Attracting Tomorrow’s Workforce Across the Northeast
  • Developing Transportation Career Paths as key tools
  • Promoting and Branding Transportation as a Green Career
  • Implementing Knowledge Management Systems to Increase Organizational Resilience
  • Upskilling Transportation’s Current Workforce to Meet Emerging Challenges and Opportunities

The proposed actions align with NETWC’s mission, values, focus areas. As they are implemented, the five strategies serve as the foundation by which the Center assists stakeholders across the region in meeting their workforce development needs. We wish to thank the NETWC advisors and other stakeholders who have already contributed to crafting these strategies. Please review the summary linked above or download and review the full Action Plan document and send us any ideas or share with us actions you are taking that align with these focused efforts.


Northeast Region – Job Needs and Priorities Report– Phase I

The Northeast Transportation Workforce Center completed and Transportation Job Needs and Priorities Report in early 2016, which was developed to identify transportation workforce needs in the region as a first step in addressing these areas. Combining stakeholder input with historic, current, and future occupational estimates for transportation occupations we identified regional priority occupations to identify focus areas for future center efforts. This report not only provides detailed information on key transportation occupations and job projections over the next decade, but utilizes a methodology that is tailored to the Northeast Region. In this report you can find a broad summary of the transportation workforce and industry in our region, an analysis of labor market data on transportation industries and occupations in the Northeast, and finally, stakeholder feedback on priority occupations of concern.

Your questions and feedback are essential to this process. We will be updating key information and sections as our work continues.  Please take the time to review the report and then send us any comments, questions or links to data or information that you think might be missing or not as accurate as it could be.  Send your comments to NETWC ([email protected]).

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