Transportation Careers Course

Transportation Careers Course

In addition to over 500 lesson plans, the site also includes an “Introduction to Transportation Careers” course designed for the United States Department of Education. It is a 180 hour course designed for 9th and 10th grade students which can be taught in part or whole by customizing the amount of material to be delivered based on the needs of the school.

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Below is a breakdown of the entire course. Each lesson title will take you to the individual lesson.

Sequence Lesson Title Time (Hours) Supporting Documents Resources Needed
1 What is TDL 1.5 Supply Web 1, Supply Web 2 Coke or Pepsi Can or Bottle
Posterboard and markers, colors, or colored Pencils
2 Flight 101 6 Flight 101 Presentation, Virtual Skies Gradebook Google Earth
3 Discovering Maritime Transportation 3 Discovering Maritime Transportation Presentation Assignment, Discovering Maritime Transportation Presentation Grade Rubric, Discovering Maritime Transportation Presentation, Discovering Maritime Transportation Quiz
4 Railroad 101 1 Rail Transportation Worksheet, Railroad 101 PowerPoint
5 Efficient Railroad Maintenance 1.5 Railroad Maintenance PowerPoint
6 Trucking 101 1.5 Trucking 101 PowerPoint
7 CDL Exploration 4 CDL Exploration Presentation, CDL Exploration Quiz, DOT FMCSA HOS Guide, DOT FMCSA HOS Logbook Examples, DOT FMCSA HOS Logbook, HOS & Simulator Presentation, HOS Student Activity, Sample CDL Exam Answers, Sample CDL Exam Google Earth
8 Pipeline Exploration 3 Pipeline Exploration Presentation, Possible Topics for Pipeline Debate Doc, Student Outline for Pipeline Debate Doc
9 Alternative Power, Energy and Fuels 8 Alternative Power 1 Presentation, Ethanol Plant Presentation, Solar Car Rubric Solar Car Kits, PosterBoard, Markers
10 Transportation Planning 4.5 Transportation Planning Bike Share Doc Google Earth
11 Inflated Tire Safety 2 N/A Tire Gauges
12 Exploring Transportation Maintenance 4.5 Bridge Design Report, NYSDOT Fundamentals of Bridge Maintenance and Inspection PDF, Transportation Maintenance Equipment Presentation WestPoint Bridge Designer Software
13 Logistics 3 Logistics Problem Rubric, Logistics Case Study PowerPoint
14 Assessing the Impact of Events on Transportation 3 N/A
15 Intermodal Transportation 5.5 Intermodal Presentation Poster board, magazines, glue, markers, rulers
16 The Future of TDL 2 Handout 1 – This Week in TDL
17 Types of Warehouses 4 Answer This Activity Doc, Types of Warehouse Presentation Rubric, Types of Warehouses Presentation
18 Forklift 101 4 Forklift 101 Presentation, Forklift 101 Quiz, Forklift 101 Accidental Video Sheet, OSHA Forklift Safety Presentation
19 Warehouse Layout Design Project 7.5 Warehouse Design Project Rubric, Warehouse Layout Design Project PowerPoint Autodesk AutoCAD or Google Sketchup
20 Importance of Protective Packaging 3 PowerPoint 1 – Protective Packaging Eggs, cardboard, and various project supplies like cotton balls or packing penuts.
21 Nike Inventory Allocation Module 7 N/A
22 Real World Applications of RFID 4 Real World Applications of RFID PowerPoint Phiget RFID kits
23 Supply Chain Management Concepts 3.5 Handout 1 – Logistics Management, Handout 2 – Distribution Center and Warehouse Locaiton Strategy, PowerPoint 2 – Distribution Center and Warehouse Location Strategy, Spreadsheet 2 – Distribution Center and Warehouse Center of Gravity Activity
24 What is a Supply Chain 3 Distribution Game Board Setup 1 JPEG, Handout 1 – Week Record, Handout 2 – Week Charts, Labels 1 – Distribution Game Board Docks, PowerPoint 1 – What is TDL, PowerPoint 2 – Distribution Game, Supply Web Example 11 JPEG, Supply Web Example 2 JPEG Poker chips
25 Introduction to GPS – GIS 3.5 Worksheet, GPS Trilateration Activity Doc, How GPS Recievers Work Doc, Map of the US, RAP Sheet for How GPS Receivers Work Compasses, rulers, pencils, GPS device optional
26 Dispatching Operations 3.5 Dispatching Operations Presentation, Dispatching Operations Quiz, Dispatching Operations Routing Activity Teacher Instructions, Dispatching Operations Routing Activity, Dispatching Operations Web Scavenger Hunt, Routing Activity Addresses
27 Transportation Engineering Traffic Study 4.5 Transportation Safety Lesson PowerPoint, Transportation Safety Movie Instructions WMA, Transportation Safety Movie Weather WMA Stopwatches
28 Transportation Engineering Urban Planning 6 Urban Planning Presentation Template, Urban Planning Stat Sheet, Urban Planning Transportation Engineering PowerPoint SimCity Software
29 Transportation Company Project 6 Transportation Company Project Handout, Transportation Company Project STATS, Transportation Company Project PowerPoint Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion Software
30 OSHA 10 Hour 10 N/A $12 per student to complete online OSHA card training in General Industry
31 Department of Transportation 3 N/A
32 The Role of the US Government in TDL 1.5 US Government and TDL Internet Scavenger Hunt
33 Introduction to TDL Careers 5.5 Career Movie Maker Proejct Instructions PowerPoint, Career Movie Maker Project Rubric, What is TDL PowerPoint Windows Movie Maker/iMovie Software
34 Careers in TDL 3 Handout 1 – Careers in TDL
Note: Almost every lesson requires every student to have access to a compter with internet access and with MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS Publisher installed.  This requirement was not listed for every lesson.

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