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Northeast Transportation Workforce Center Director Glenn McRae Keynotes TLD Summit in NJ

The Transportation, Logistics and Distribution (TLD) Talent Network held its first Industry Summit recently, with the intent of building partnerships within the industry to develop and support TLD in New Jersey and formulate strategies for competing at the regional, national and global levels. The event was led on behalf of the New...

Help Wanted

by Clark Martin and Alexandra Dudley The transportation industry is leading the effort to recruit and train workers to fill a growing number of jobs. The future of transportation depends on these endeavors. The transportation system in the United States is a cornerstone of the country’s economic growth and prosperity....

Early Childhood Educators Need Better Training in Science

Preschool instructors appear to lack the knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively teach their young students science – a problem that is likely contributing to America’s poor global performance in this crucially important subject. A first-of-its-kind study by Michigan State University researchers found that early childhood educators’ self-reported ability and enjoyment was...

The Northeast Should Lead the Country in Limiting Pollution from Transportation

by: Daniel Gatti Over the past decade, the Northeast region of the United States has helped lead the country—and the world—in supporting and developing clean, renewable sources of electricity. Taken together, the policies of Northeast states, from Maine to Maryland, have generated billions of dollars in investment for solar, wind,...

Beyond Traffic 2045: What’s the Future of Transportation?

Our transportation system connects us to our work, our homes, and our friends and families. We all have different needs and different values that we consider as we make transportation decisions—but we all value the connections that our transportation system provides. As our population grows and changes, our needs and preferences will...


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Spotlight of the Week - Millennials in the Supply Chain Workforce

As more millennials (born between 1980 and 1995) enter the marketplace, managers are recognizing the need to adjust traditional business and supply chain approaches to embrace a generation that is changing the workplace. Those who adapt quickly may garner the benefits gained from a highly competitive, techno-savvy generation. Supply Chain Management Review magazine, APICS and APQC, are conducting a study to better understand your generation as a critical segment of the supply chain workforce. Read More Here!