The Northeast Should Lead the Country in Limiting Pollution from Transportation

by: Daniel Gatti Over the past decade, the Northeast region of the United States has helped lead the country—and the world—in supporting and developing clean, renewable sources of electricity. Taken together, the policies of Northeast states, from Maine to Maryland, have generated billions of dollars in investment for solar, wind,...

Beyond Traffic 2045: What’s the Future of Transportation?

Our transportation system connects us to our work, our homes, and our friends and families. We all have different needs and different values that we consider as we make transportation decisions—but we all value the connections that our transportation system provides. As our population grows and changes, our needs and preferences will...

2017 Northeast Association of State Transportation Officials’ Conference (NASTO ) highlights workforce challenges & opportunitie

The Northeast Transportation Workforce Center (NETWC), hosted by the University of Vermont Transportation Research Center, brought it’s exhibit to the 2017 NASTO conference in Philadelphia, PA, July 10-12. This year, under the leadership of NASTO President Leslie Richards (PADOT), the challenges and opportunities facing the  transportation workforce was highlighted in...

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Computer Coding is Leading the Transportation Revolution

On July 5th, Volvo became the first automaker to announce that by 2019, all vehicles sold by the automaker will be electric or hybrid. While automakers have dabbled in the field of electric and autonomous vehicles, this step by Volvo is significant in that it shows us how close the...

Every week, NETWC highlights a program that helps promote workforce development needs. Whether its emphasizing on transportation jobs, opportunities for veterans, the advent of alternate fuel technologies, or engaging more with women and girls, our spotlight focuses on the best successes from around the region. Check out at list of...


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Spotlight of the Week - Facts and figures on females throughout the world

Between 1995 and 2012, the number of women intending to major in science and engineering fields rose by 6.4 percent. A study by the National Science Foundation noted the steady rise in female freshman at four-year institutions choosing to study science and engineering, an increase from 27.1 percent in 1995 to 33.5 percent in 2012. Read More Here!