April 25 Leveraging Technologies Webinar Announcement

Investing in our Future – APTF Scholarship

Now Accepting Applications for 2017 In furthering our mission of increasing and retaining the number of individuals choosing the transit field as a career, the APTF will award a minimum of twenty scholarships, ranging from $2,500 to $5,000 each, to college students or transit professionals who are interested in pursuing...

Leveraging Technology for Transportation Agency Workforce Development and Training

TRB’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis 503: Leveraging Technology for Transportation Agency Workforce Development and Training documents how state and local transportation agencies are using information and communication technologies (ICT) to train their workforce. The report explores the planning and resources required to implement and maintain a training...

Apprenticeships Instrumental in Closing the Gap

By Lee Worley, Ironworkers Director of Apprenticeship and Training $400,000 swing between college and the real world! A recent nationwide survey of 1,459 contractors conducted by the Associated General Contractors of America revealed that 69% are having difficulty finding skilled craft workers. Despite the fact that the number is 10% lower...

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Heavy Operating Engineer Builds Bridges and Opportunity

Debbie Currie, a 55-year-old grandmother of five, had worked a variety of retail jobs over the years while raising her three children. Several years ago, a close friend who was a member of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 4 invited her to a union function. There Debbie learned...


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Job Seekers

Job Seekers

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Spotlight of the Week - Building jobs while building bike share

Perhaps the grandest vision of bike share is one in which the system acts not only as a transportation service, but also as an essential community resource. It all started when the bike share company Bewegen gave Duffney the opportunity to handle its U.S. operations market. Then, Duffney began partnering with The Baltimore Station, a housing and services program that often assists homeless veterans. Duffney himself serves in the National Guard, which he feels helps him relate to what his employees expect in a workplace. Read More Here!


FHWA established five Regional Transportation Workforce Centers that work together to provide a more strategic and efficient approach to transportation workforce development. The Centers will act together to facilitate national partnerships with key public and private organizations throughout the transportation, education, labor, and workforce investment communities to identify and promote effective transportation workforce activities and programs.

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