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Garret A. Morgan Technology and Transportation Clearinghouse

Teachers, students, and parents nationwide are gaining an invaluable STEM education resource with the public unveiling of the Garrett A. Morgan Technology and Transportation Education Program Clearinghouse in May 2016.

The web-based Clearinghouse—funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and spearheaded by the University of Tennessee (UT) and Knox County Public Schools—will provide a consolidated hub of resources, including instructional materials and classroom lesson plans, designed to support, enhance, and promote k-12 STEM and transportation education and outreach nationwide.

The Clearinghouse is a one-stop shop for k-12 teachers and STEM educators. It features a wide variety of transportation-themed STEM instructional materials that will be made available to educators for download—in most cases, free of charge. The materials were hand-picked and/or created by STEM experts and k-12 educators from both UT’s Center for Transportation Research and Knox County Public Schools.

Dr. Meiko Thompson, project lead of the Clearinghouse, has led an expert team in the ongoing selection and development of the program’s instructional materials and lesson plans. She stated that the no-cost materials were written specifically with educators in mind. Notably, the plans coincide with state and national testing standards for STEM subject skills.

“All the lesson plans will be free. That’s the benefit for educators. They can go and identify really good [STEM] lesson plans that meet their state and national standards, and which will benefit them and their students,” Thompson said.

Dr. Jerry Everett, research director at the Institute and a Clearinghouse project lead, stated that he hoped the Clearinghouse would soon become a well-known resource in k-12 classrooms across the country.

Other Educator Resources

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Heavy Highway Civil Construction Competency Model    

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APEC Women in Transportation Data Framework and Best Practices Report 2015


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