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Welcome, educators and professional development specialists!

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Ways that NETWC can help you:

  • Highlight programs that are innovative in educating or training the workforce
  • Build communities of interest around certain topics, such as women in transportation, intelligent transportation systems, alternative fuels, and young professionals
  • Design webinars around special topics of interest
  • Promote other webinars on workforce development within the transportation and pipeline industries
  • Match students with professionals in the field to provide more information about a certain occupation or job prospects
  • Help you build partnerships with employers

Teacher Resources: 

Are you a teacher looking to find ways to engage your students into the wide ranging fields that a career in transportation can provide? Whether its a career in engineering, city planning, marine technology, rail, logistics and many more, our lessons plans have got you covered. You can find a vast array of downloadable lesson plans complete with power points, quizzes, and other resources to teach a myriad of transportation fields.

Looking for a bit more? Check our our comprehensive transportation careers course, which has materials covering 180 hours designed for high school students who are interested in a future in transportation. While comprehensive on its own, the weekly lesson plans can be tailored to your specific school’s needs and interests. Visit for more information!

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