How Effective is Your Career Pathways Advisory Board?

Many instructors and administrators struggle with effectively building and using advisory boards. Many do not know how to get started or how to find good advisory board members. Often, once they have identified members, they don’t know how to effectively engage and retain them. Participants will be encouraged, before the session, to provide their concerns and also suggestions for successful implementation for using advisory boards. Our distinguished presenters will describe how they have successfully used new and innovative ways to start and maintain advisory boards while addressing the concerns and suggestions identified by participants. This discussion focused on how to maximize the effectiveness of an advisory board to advance a transportation, or other, career path program. We heard from educators who have engaged, nurtured and maintained board involvement in the design, development and delivery of their program.

The webinar covered 4 critical components:

  • The importance of using a highly effective advisory board.
  • How to design and develop a highly effective board.
  • How to identify potential effective members and retain them.
  • How to engage critical employers in the advisory process.

To watch a recording of this webinar, please click below.  


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