Filling the Gaps: Professional Development Programs

“Filling the Gaps: Professional Development Programs”, which aired on July 14th, was a collaborative feature brought to you by the NETWC, American Public Works Association, Connecticut Local Technical Assistance Program, and Louisiana Leadership Development Institute. During the round table discussion, David Orr engaged with transportation leaders, including Mary Leah Coco, Donna Shea, and Mabel Tinjaca, in order to give the participants the full breadth of professional development programs available to them. Some highlights include the presentation by Mary Leah Coco and Garrett Wheat on the Leadership Development Program, an opportunity which includes classes on “Foundations of Leadership Development” and “Organizational Culture.” Additionally, Donna Shea talked about the programs in Connecticut, such as the Public Works Academy, Road Master, Road Scholar, and more. Finally, Mabel Tinjaca discussed the system of career paths, and “how to provide a program for everyone so that they can all enrich and enhance their careers.”  If you are interested in learning more, click on the video below!

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